Avoid Pressure Washing These Things 

You probably have heard people say that pressure washers can cause injuries and accidents, and this is why it is advised that you hire a professional and certified company to do the tasks, whether it is commercial or home power washing 


A pressure washer involves water thrown in high pressure using a spray connected to a hose. Its physical appearance lures people into thinking that it is some kind of an ordinary garden hose when in reality, it can cause serious injury. However, injuries are not the only common circumstances that are caused by improper handling of this equipment, damages of certain surfaces can also be experienced when you use this equipment to clean an unfitting material.  



The following are the things you should pressure wash: 


1.Wood siding 

When you have concrete siding, a pressure washer can be okay. However, when your house has wooden siding, pressure washing can cause damages to them. Since the water uses pressure, there is a tendency that water could get and seep into the wood fibers, damping your walls. This affects insulation as well as create damage to your electrical wiring. Likewise, due to dampness, molds may start to grow leading to damages and respiratory allergies of people inside the house.  


A high-powered pressure washer can also dent vinyl and aluminum siding. 


2.Asphalt shingles 

A roof is ideal to pressure wash as to remove molds, hardened bird feces, and other difficult stains dried by the sun. However, when you have a roof that is made of asphalt shingles, avoid using a high-powered pressure washer. The high pressure can remove the granules from these shingles that are important for protecting your roof. In addition, it is not safe to use a pressure washer in an elevate and high places as this doubles the danger.  


3.Living things 

This is a no-brainer. A pressure washer is an equipment used for hard and sturdy surfaces like concrete and metal and never for soft materials including the human body. Never pressure wash pets, plants, or humans. The pressure can be high enough to penetrate and break skin and bones. There are already reported cases of severe injuries caused by a pressure washer. This is why it is recommended that a user should wear protective hears like goggles, boots, gloves, and others.  



Windows can be made of glass and wood, and both of these materials are very susceptible to damage when you use pressurized water. Wood is weak against water while the glass is prone to breakage when there are pressure and force. 


5.Painted surfaces 

Paints can be chipped by highly pressurized water, no matter how excellent quality your paint is. Thus, use a low-pressure flow of water to wash painted surfaces like on your furniture and porch floor.  



Vehicles may be made of metal but they are non-resistant to pressure and force. Using a pressure washer can dent the metal and chip off the exterior paint of vehicles leading to more susceptibility to rust and cracks. In addition, when water seeps into cracks and crevices, this might cause damages to the vehicle’s engine. Use the low-pressure setting when cleaning the car, or better, use a garden hose.