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Anh Duy

Have you visited a museum, read a book Book, looked at a painting,Pastorale, or contemplated nature lately Rose?
Carpe diem

dot Fantasy.
This collection named Fantasy is just that. You might ask, ' Is it fact or is it fantasy?' The answer is, 'Why bother?' It's poetry, refreshing and, if you will, Fantasy.

dot Take Me With You.
He implored his Muse to take him with her to the land where neither has ever been.

dot A Foggy Day.
He looked out the window high among the clouds, and the surrounding fog sent him aching to be with his sweetheart.

dot To a Nameless Person.
Who are you? For all I know, you shall remain nameless.

dot I Will Take You To....
To the moon-bathed beach in the night wind, Sweetheart, I Will Take You to hear the music of the sea.

dot Our Love Like a Gentle Breeze.
Like a gentle breeze passing over a rejoicing heart, this poem sings of love in its spring-like freshness. Our Love Like a Gentle Breeze fills you with romance and tenderness.

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