How Long Does Interior Paint Last?

One of the most common questions homeowners ask professional painters is how long does their interior paint last. Unfortunately, this question is extremely difficult to answer. A general rule to follow is that a high-quality interior paint job will last around 5 to 10 years.  

However, the longevity of your paint is based on a lot of various factors. Thus, how long does interior paint last on the wall? Well, it differs.  

Today, we’re going to talk about how long interior paint lasts on your walls. If it is time for you to change your interior paint, don’t hesitate to hire Euro Painting Inc in Sarasota FL. 

Various Finishes for the Paint 

The finish you pick for your interior paint project affects its longevity. For paint finish, there is a sliding scale that ranges from extremely shiny to non-reflective. The glossiness you pick has a direct influence on how easy the paint is to clean. This can increase the longevity of the paint.  

  • High Gloss 

This type of finish is the shiniest finish available. It is sometimes called gloss finish. In general, professionals only use this type of finish for wood molding and trim since it is both the easiest to clean and most decorative.  

  • Semi-Gloss 

Semi-gloss is a type of finish that is more reflective compared to the eggshell. Typically, it’s more durable. Semi-gloss is a common finish for high-traffic areas that need significant paint durability, such as a bathroom or kitchen.  

  • Eggshell 

Typically, eggshell finishes have a fairly even sheen. This level of sheen is sometimes very easy to clean with a damp cloth. This makes it a well-known option for any homeowner who is worried about longevity. 

  • Satin 

Satin does not have a lot of gloss. However, it is also doesn’t have a matte finish. Satin contains a bit of gloss. It is one of the paint finishes that professionals use in interiors. 

  • Flat 

This type of paint finish is the least reflective type. Since it is matte-like, difficult to clean, and cozy, it is an ideal option for low-traffic areas, such as formal living rooms.  

When Should You Repaint the Interior? 

Because it is difficult to put a particular figure on how long interior paint lasts, it is also quite hard to determine when it is time to repaint the interior of your office or house. To properly evaluate if it is time to repaint, you’ve got to keep track of how, when, and by whom the last paint project was done.  

For instance, a high-quality paint project done by a reliable painting company will last longer in general compared to a paint job from an amateur teen who does not know how to properly paint a wall.  

There are other factors you have to consider as well. If the room you’re planning to paint obtains a lot of activity, there is a huge possibility that the walls will get chipped and scuffed more often.  

Because of this, you should expect to repaint areas more often if it receives a lot of traffic and activities.  

Searching for the Best Appliance Technician and Service

A lot of people are trying to preserve their appliances at home. They think that this is not a perfect time to buy a new one, since it’s pandemic. If they can repair things correctly, then that would be better as they can save more money. There are many reasons why they have to throw this one away, but of course, they’re still trying to keep faith in making things better. They believe that there is just a button that they can push there. They can follow some tutorials on the internet on how to do Irivng refrigerator repair. 

If you think that it’s more affordable to get a brand-new appliance, that is a good choice. There are cases that the repair person would ask for a higher price because they have to buy some parts or spare parts of the appliance. If you think it’s unreasonable to get a new one, you have to settle yourself using the old and damaged device. It is also difficult for someone to choose whether they’re picking the right technician or not. Usually, we learned things on our own or with the help of our friends. 

There are some people that they will decide immediately by choosing or finding a company or service. A company that will help them to fix the appliance. If your refrigerator is not getting cooler or colder, then there could be a problem with the machine inside of it. Of course, you are not an expert, so you won’t be using some tools to open the board or the inner part of the refrigerator. All you can do is try performing those simple troubleshooting that you know, or you can see on the internet. You don’t have to call someone immediately, as it could be that the problem is about the button or the outlet only. 

Your friends may give you some suggestions about those companies who are trustworthy. You can give it a shot by searching those names on the internet. You can check their information and background as well. You have to know whether they have the license or permit to work legally. You can ask your friends as well when it comes to their professionalism. Some technicians or repair people would say that they are professional, but they get along with their clients is not. 

Whenever there are problems, of course, it’s more important to call the expert. We are only hesitant about cases because of the price and the quotation they may give us. If you think that it’s unreasonable for you to repair this one, then you can give yourself a brand-new gift. Some people would check their reviews or feedback from that company online. This is your best method as of now. 

Usually, we can see nasty comments, reviews, and feedback from those companies. Not all clients are happy to hire services. If you think that the reason of that customer is unreasonable, then you can give this company a chance to perform their repair service. You can also provide them with a call on the phone so that you have the opportunity to ask those questions that bother you. 

Tips on Roof Maintenance

To help you maintain your roof using a simple checklist, here are some important things to observe and follow:  



  1. Check shingles regularly 


One way to maintain a roofing investment is through regular checkups. To ensure that you are efficient in doing so, try and start with your roof’s most visible part: shingles. Shingles are vulnerable, especially to storms. Since storms involve strong winds and rain, they can easily lift some shingles away from your roofing system. This should be observed and always taken into consideration because it is often the start of leakage issues. Other shingle concerns you should remember and look out for are crumbling, peeling, or discoloring shingles.   


  1. Regular roof inspection 


Checking the singles may be easy when you have a ladder in your home. However, when it comes to inspecting your roofing system thoroughly, you will need more than a ladder. A roofing professional is needed when it comes to this part of the checklist. Only a professional can make the process more efficient and be the most reliable individual to secure your home from possible damage.  


  1. Check your attic 


The attic in your home is the closest to your roofing system, thus any damage on your roofing system, your attic knows best. This task is easier to handle for homeowners because it does not necessarily need harmful climbing. You will only need to go to your attic to see signs of leakage or watermarks on the ceiling or walls. Other signs you need to look out for are musty odor as well as water spots.  

  1. Clean your roof 


Another important thing you can do to ensure your roofing’s health is through good old cleaning. If you invest time cleaning your interior almost every day, you should invest in cleaning your roof at least twice a year. You don’t need to scrub it by hand, but you can always make use of the theater hose you have in your garden. It should be easy to handle when the hose is long enough to reach the roof. You can also mix detergent or bleach in it to secure that any mold growth or algae are eliminated.  


  1. Clean your gutter 


If you have read a lot of checklists on how to maintain a roof and prolong its lifespan, then you may have encountered this tip the nth time around. Gutter cleaning is very necessary. That’s why it is reiterated very often in every roofing article you can find online. This may be a redundant plea to every homeowner who wishes to have their roof lifespan prolonged, but it should be a primary reminder to every homeowner nonetheless.  


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Paint Trends in 2020

Trends in paint colors come and go. A fresh coat can be an affordable and effective way to create a new look if it has been several years since you painted your home. You may intend to modernize the area to get your home ready to sell or simply for your own enjoyment.

Here are a couple of paint trends in 2020 that painting Reno can incorporate to your house:

How to Incorporate 2020 Paint Trends

You do not have to paint an entire room or your whole house in one of these well-known paint colors for 2020. By implementing trendy colors in small areas, you can still enjoy its benefits. Here are a couple of ideas that you should consider:

  • Repaint the garage door
  • Redo the exterior window trim
  • Revitalize an old furniture piece using a trendy paint color
  • Update the kitchen cabinets with a new paint coat
  • Paint your front door in a new color
  • Redo the guest bathroom in a trendy 2020 color scheme
  • Paint an accent wall in your master bedroom or living room.

Colorful and Bright Culinary-Inspired Hues

Though earthy tones are not going out of style any time soon, you might want to utilize a bright and bold color somewhere in your house. If you’ve got a spice rack in your kitchen, it offers a lot of inspiration.

  • Mustard Yellow

This comes across as optimistic and energetic. It makes an ideal exterior color and can be great for an accent color in your office.

  • Cayenne Red

No matter where you utilize it, this color is a showstopper. Common applications include the front door, dining room, and kitchen.

Natural Shades of Blue

Blue comes after brown and green when you think of colors outdoors. The most common shades this year are inspired by the sky and sea.

  • Navy Blue

It is commanding and strong. It’s an appropriate color for big rooms with vaulted ceilings.

  • Icy Blue

It is light and soft. It’s ideal for brightening small rooms.

  • Blue-Grey

This is the same as the color of the clouds during a light rain. It produces a serene and soothing atmosphere best for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Soft Earthy Tones

One ideal way to add warmth to your house is to paint a white wall in a neutral color. These are trendy, yet safe colors this year:

  • Cider Brown

This offers the color of autumn into your house as an approachable and earthy orange. Entryways, bedrooms, and bathrooms appear great in this color.

  • Mushroom Grey

It’s a warm and soft shade that appears elegant in neutral-colored hallways, kitchens, and other areas.


A lot of the most common paint colors this year are inspired by nature. The paint trends in 2020 are designed to bring back people to nature in this technological age. Here are some of the most common greens this year:

  • Sage Green

It infuses an energy dose into any interior area.

  • Moss Green

This produces a calming atmosphere. This is ideal for bedrooms.

  • Mint Green

It’s a great shade for small areas. This includes bathrooms. It also works well when paired with white.

Things to Have When Washing Your Dog

A lot of pet owners fear giving their dog a wash. This is particularly true if they are new to owning a pet. Because of this, most of them rely on a professional mobile dog wash for help.

However, bath time can be rewarding experience for both you and your dog if you’ve got the correct dog-washing tools. Here are a couple of supplies that you might need whenever you want to wash your dog:


During bath time, having a couple of old towers nearby can help make the cleanup a lot simpler. Obviously, you will have to put towels on the floor. However, it really helps if you’ve got 1 or 2 towels within quick reach. This will help you absorb a lot of water whenever your dog gets out. You should also remember that your dog will certainly shake after wash. Thus, you can use a towel to guard yourself against the splash.


You’ve got to ensure that you’ll use an all-natural dog shampoo if your dog has sensitive skin. Make sure that the shampoo does not contain perfumes and dyes. A couple of pups with dry skin problems do well with oatmeal and honey shampoos. You can also create your own shampoo if you are feeling a bit adventurous. You will only utilize simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. This includes baking soda, rosemary, oats, honey, and much more. This shampoo is soothing and safe at the same time.


This is not a vital supply for washing your dog. However, it can make the task more fun. You’ve got to ensure you look for a sprayer that’s long. This will help you thoroughly wash every part of your dog.

A sprayer is extremely important for the back-leg and under-the-tail areas since soap can often sit un-rinsed in these parts.

Plastic Hair Trap

This amazing tool enables water to empty down the drain without fur or hair going with it. You can easily prevent a clogged drain if you are able to trap fur for easy removal. You’ve got to ensure that you purchase one that fits properly the type of drain you’ve got in the tub. Plastic might be simpler to use compared with metal. This depends greatly on the thickness of your dog’s hair.


You’ve got to ensure you pick a tub that offers your dog some space to move around, whether you use an outdoor tub or your own bathtub. You also have to ensure that the tub offers you control and comfort while washing your dog. A lot of online pet shops provide special tubs specifically made for bathing dogs.

Supply Bucket

This tool will be useful. If you don’t have a sprayer, you can use this bucket with warm and clean rinse water. You can also utilize this tool to place your supplies for easy and quick access in case your dog gets dirty during a walk. Make sure you place the supply bucket in a place where you can easily find it.