Tips on Roof Maintenance

To help you maintain your roof using a simple checklist, here are some important things to observe and follow:  



  1. Check shingles regularly 


One way to maintain a roofing investment is through regular checkups. To ensure that you are efficient in doing so, try and start with your roof’s most visible part: shingles. Shingles are vulnerable, especially to storms. Since storms involve strong winds and rain, they can easily lift some shingles away from your roofing system. This should be observed and always taken into consideration because it is often the start of leakage issues. Other shingle concerns you should remember and look out for are crumbling, peeling, or discoloring shingles.   


  1. Regular roof inspection 


Checking the singles may be easy when you have a ladder in your home. However, when it comes to inspecting your roofing system thoroughly, you will need more than a ladder. A roofing professional is needed when it comes to this part of the checklist. Only a professional can make the process more efficient and be the most reliable individual to secure your home from possible damage.  


  1. Check your attic 


The attic in your home is the closest to your roofing system, thus any damage on your roofing system, your attic knows best. This task is easier to handle for homeowners because it does not necessarily need harmful climbing. You will only need to go to your attic to see signs of leakage or watermarks on the ceiling or walls. Other signs you need to look out for are musty odor as well as water spots.  

  1. Clean your roof 


Another important thing you can do to ensure your roofing’s health is through good old cleaning. If you invest time cleaning your interior almost every day, you should invest in cleaning your roof at least twice a year. You don’t need to scrub it by hand, but you can always make use of the theater hose you have in your garden. It should be easy to handle when the hose is long enough to reach the roof. You can also mix detergent or bleach in it to secure that any mold growth or algae are eliminated.  


  1. Clean your gutter 


If you have read a lot of checklists on how to maintain a roof and prolong its lifespan, then you may have encountered this tip the nth time around. Gutter cleaning is very necessary. That’s why it is reiterated very often in every roofing article you can find online. This may be a redundant plea to every homeowner who wishes to have their roof lifespan prolonged, but it should be a primary reminder to every homeowner nonetheless.  


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