Coeur en fête
Poem by Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem

Introduced by Thomas D. Le

If you have loved, you know it's never uneventful. Cinderella and the Prince Charming belong in the realm of fairy tales, and no one else does. The vicissitudes of love have spawned volumes upon volumes from time immemorial where the outpourings of the heart range the gamut of human emotions.

Here Liem tells us simply one up and one down, or rather the other way around. After the pain and the agony caused by betrayal and rejection come the fulfillment and the joy of love returned.

Coeur en fête

Un jour...
Tu m'as menti,
Tu m'as trahi,
Tu es parti
Je t'ai haï...

Mais aujourd'hui,
Une fois
Tu me rejouis
Et le Coeur.

Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem

Tim Nhu' Mo'? Hô.i

Mình yêu nhau mô.t ngày
Sao dô'i nhau làm gì
Sao ðành tâm pha?n bô.i
Rô`i dú't áo ra ði
Em tu?i hâ.n tình si...

Nhu'ng hôm nay ga.p la.i
Mô.t lâ`n nu'~a anh o'i
Nghe ha.nh phúc tuyê.t vò'i
Hô`n rung ca?m cho'i vo'i
Tim rô.n ràng mo'? hô.i.

Traduit par Lý Lãng Nhân
Août 2002

A Rejoicing Heart

O Love!
One day, there was one day
When you had lied to me
And me you did betray,
You walked away from me,
And I did loathe you so.

But then there was today
When you have made me whole
Once more and on this day
You filled with joy my soul,
And heart to overflow.

Translated by Thomas D. Le
28 July 2002

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