Love is Francis

Dedicated to Francis Mae Lundy

I praise her not only ‘cause she found her path and succeeds;
I love her more ‘cause of her charming character and her deeds.
We care not when occasionally she sings a tune a tad off key,
But we sure admire her executing a fancy dance step to the tee.

Bill never minds about she has forgotten how to cook;
But we all cheer the couple showing up with a perfect look.
Adversity comes to her life, and just tiptoes away;
Love always remains in her soul - Francis never sways.

I knew not why she was so popular when we first met,
I know now why: she does care! And her friends never forget.
Heed the words from guys yonder who’ve seen red and blue,
True Love is hard to come by, Francis, but we found It in you!

By David and Teresa Lee with Love this was written for
Francis Mae Lundy on this Spring day April 4th 2004.
As dogwood blossoms so friendship in our heart’s blooming ever more,
Each day God gives us for loving and sharing’s just a bliss to adore.

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