I Will Take You To...

Anh Duy

I will take you to the secluded sea,
And ease you in our sunset dream with me,
Will guide you through the sweet music of love,
And marvel at the moonlit sky above.

The lorn sea lost amidst the mute dark night,
The breeze whispers love on your rosy cheeks.
Our breath so warm, our lips locked tight,
In tipsy gaze to chase our dream we seek.

The two lovers’ shadows romp in sand white,
Bound amorous in passionate embrace,
Two bodies locked in bright moon and star light
Like undulating waves that crash on sandy space.

The melodies of sea arouse your soul,
And gently stroke your peachy lips and face.
At lofty sky peers deep your brightest gaze,
You fling your arms around your dream man whole.

We tarry late into the wee hours,
Dead drunk and dipped in foggy tranquil breeze,
Delirious in those vast seas of ours,
Drowning entwined and raptured without cease.

I’ll take you, dear, through love’s ravished portals
And through the rosy hues of passion deep.
By the deserted sea the wind chuckles:
Keep on loving, and fore’er in love steep.

22 November 2003

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