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Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem

Have you visited a museum, read a book Book, looked at a painting,Pastorale, or contemplated nature lately Rose?
Carpe diem

Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem, former Chief Psychiatrist at the Troyes Medical Center, in Troyes, France, received his MD degree from the University of Paris, and spent most of his life in practice in this charming medieval town. Besides being a neuropsychiatrist, Liem found enough time to collect modern paintings and to write poetry, among his many social activities. He never admits to writing poems, however, probably because of his reluctance to show a side of him that is so far removed from the exigencies of his profession.

But write poetry he did, and so today we have a chance to glimpse at this sensitive soul and hear his sweet voice in verses that sing with ease and delicate tenderness.

dot  Et loin de chez moi.
On a recent visit to Blois, Liem dropped in on his old Lycee Augustin Thierry, and reminisced on those far-off school days far from home, yet near to his heart.

dot  Feelings.
Liem's tender voice knows no season. And although his summer feelings are like sunshine, autumn leads to a certain nostalgia, winter is the joy of living, and snow is beauty. Find these sensibilities and more in his feelings.

dot  Spring.
All of us welcome the advent of spring, the season that brings forth flowers and joy after the long months of cold desolation. Liem's tender heart urges us to seize the season and shout with joie de vivre. Spring is a charming little gem that reminds us to avail ourselves of nature's beauty while it is still time.

dot  Summer.
What a wonderful feeling to have in the midst of a tranquil and serene nature, which enchants you among the grasses, insects, and breezes. Visit this supremely peaceful idyllic scene of summer, and savor the wonderful taste of relaxation from everyday care.

dot  For You, for Me.
Unusually candid is this catalog of a man's attributes and his imaginary sweetheart's. How do they fare with respect to life's fortunes? For You, for Me carries this comparison to the limit of sadness.

dot  Love.
If a psychiatrist asks what love is, and finds it hard to answer his own question, then there is no hope for you and me. But I ask you to see what he has to say about Love , before selling your house, packing up, and moving to the mountains never to return.

dot  Rejoicing Heart.
Liem never gives up on love, even though it might be something of a riddle wrapped inside an enigma hidden deep in a mystery. No matter. When love flowers, it is time for  the heart to rejoice and not for the mind to philosophize.

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