Dr. Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem
Translated by Thomas D. Le and Ly Lang Nhan

At a time when leaves begin to turn, Liem sees a world that might just give solace to his loneliness. That hope is the request for deliverance from his trials and tribulations.

Autumn is now his friend and safe haven from the pains and sufferings of his heart.

Automne, peux-tu me delivrer ?

Automne tu me delivres
Des regrets, des remords,
Du mal que jai de vivre,
De la peur de la mort.

Automne je tcoute,
Et surtout je te sens ;
Tu coules goutte a goutte
Dans mon corps, dans mon sang.

Automne tu me prends !
Ame et corps tout entier.
Automne je te comprends ;
Tu mest si familier.

Automne tu es refuge
Pour mon vieux coeur bris ;
Avec toi le dluge
Devient sernit.

Car tu berces mes peines
Et calmes mes tourments ;
Et toujours tu mentraines
En un delire charmant.

Dr. Nguyn Hiu Lim
St-Andr-Les-Vergers, France, 16 Septembre 2002

Thu giải thot

Thu ơi, giải thot gim ti
Nổi niềm hối tiếc cuộc đời đắng cay
Nổi đau phải sống ngy di
Nổi run sợ chết cn hoi trong tm.

Thu ơi, nghe tiếng th thầm
Hồn thu tha thiết lặng trầm trong ti
Giọt thu thanh tht nhẹ rơi
Chảy trong huyết qun phận người xt xa.

Thu ơi, hồn đ chan ha
Tnh thu thấm đượm trong ta đ đầy
Hơi thu quen biết bao ngy
Hiểu thu ta đ cảm hoi nội tm.

Thu ơi, xin hy dấu gim
Tri tim rạn nứt, m thầm quặn đau
Xin thu hn vết thương su
Để cho nỗi khổ nhuộm mầu bnh yn.

Thu ơi, ru hận đảo đin
Cho đau lắng dịu, ưu phiền giảm phn
Tnh thu li cuốn tm thần
Mộng thu m ả lịm dần trong m.

Traduit par L Lng Nhn
Madison, Alabama, 20 Septembre 2002

Autumn, Can You Rescue Me?

Autumn, relieve from me
Regrets and remorses
The pain that dogs my life
The fear of my demise.

Autumn, I do hear you,
And I sure do feel you,
For you flow drop by drop
Through my body and blood.

Autumn, you that hold me
Body and soul in your grip
Autumn, I know you well,
You my bosom friend.

Autumn, you are refuge
For my old broken heart;
With you the big deluge
Is but serenity.

For you do nurse my pains
And calm all my torments;
And you always hold me
In a charming frenzy.

Translated by Thomas D. Le
30 September 2004

Winter, the death of nature. The bleak, bleary landscape smothered in snow and in plunging temperatures has traded its autumn splendor for a gray joyless imperviousness to succor. What sun there is shoots across the sky as if in a hurry to disappear in its warm lair beneath the earth, leaving everything to the dark of night.

Then for days on end, the sun does not peek, surrendering its realm to the feathery flakes that blanket the world in endless white. You might want to curl up inside by the crackling fire, over a hot cup of chocolate, to read a voluminous novel that during the summer sits quietly on the shelf gathering dust. Or you might feel inclined to write lines of verse that reflect your state of soul and bare its inner recesses for all to see.

This Liem has chosen to do, with flair, authenticity and consummate simplicity. If you never love snowy winter, take a look at Liem's poems below, for they speak the language of a romantic soul endowed with a sensibility for things of beauty, and a power to touch your heart with disarming spontaneity.

Liem does not see the gloom of winter snow but its purity, not its frosty bite but its delicate texture, not its harshness but its beauty, not its suggestion of sadness but its augury of joy.

This ability to feel happiness in the midst of winter snow with such lightheartedness is characteristic of Liem the psychiatrist as well as of Liem the poet. He is unable to wallow in depressed thoughts. He has this joie de vivre that is infectious, and takes you kicking and screaming to a life brighter than seems realistic.

Let his songs of winter snow enchant you, now and forever.

L'hiver, il a neig

Il a neig
Dans mon coeur;
Il a neig
Du bonheur.

Un fin duvet
Soudain revt
Toutes les choses
Jusqu la rose.

Et la pelouse
Nest pas jalouse
Sur elle aussi
Je mextasie.

Son blanc manteau
Est sans dfaut
Sauf quelque pas
Ici et l.

Dr. Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem
Saint-Andr Les Vergers, 29 December 2002

Ma ng Tuyết Trắng

Tuyết rơi trong lng ti
Hạnh phc đến tuyệt vời
Mịn mn như nhung trải
Chợt phủ trn cuộc đời
Phủ cả đa hồng tươi.

Cả sn khng ganh tị
Tim ti đầy hoan hỉ.

Tuyết trắng nhu o tơi
Khng t vết, em ơi
Tuy chỉ một vi nơi
dy trn thm trắng
Cn in dấu chn người.

Traduit par L Lng Nhn
Madison, Alabama, 28 Decembre 2002

Winter Snow

Snow has fallen
Into my heart
Where it snowed
Pure happiness.

A fine light dust
Sudden covered
All things around
Even the rose.

The lawn itself
Felt no envy
On it I lay
In ecstasy.

Its all-white coat
Except for few
Spots here and there.

Translated by Thomas D. Le
13 December 2003

Paysage de neige

Je suis ma fentre
Au vent qui me pntre
Amne le bien-tre;
Dans mon esprit fait natre
Un fabuleux dcor
De lgende du Nord
Tout cest joli dehors.

La neige, sublime beaut
A donn la clart
A ma proprit
Dans son manteau ouat.
Le silence est de glace.
Et je vois dans lEspace
Quelques corbeaux qui passent.

Dr. Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem
Saint-Andr Les Vergers, 12 January 2003

Cảnh Tuyết ẹp

ứng bn cửa sổ một mnh
Gi đng xuyn thấm nghe tnh chứa chan
Khung trời huyền ảo mơ mng
Tm tư bừng dậy mộng trn Bắc phương
Tnh trong hoa nở lạ thường
Hin ngoi cảnh sắc đẹp dường bức tranh.

Tuyết đng xinh đẹp no nng
iểm t rực rỡ mi tường nh ti
Gc lầu như khot o tơi
Nghe trong băng gi im hơi lặng trầm
Xuyn qua khung cảnh m thầm
Quạ đen vỗ cnh lạnh căm bay vo.

Traduit par L Lng Nhn
Madison, Alabama, 12 Janvier 2003

Snow Scene

Sitting by the window
Soaking in the wind
I felt the well-being
It invoked in my soul
The fabulous decor
Of the Northern legend.
What beauty shrouded without.

The snow's stately beauty
Imparted clarity
Unto my property
In its down-filled mantle.
In the icy stillness
I saw out there in space
The ravens few that passed.

Translated by Thomas D. Le
13 December 2003

Jours dautomne

Jours dautomne encore beaux,
Encore beaux sur nos plaines,
Je chante perdre haleine,
Je chante un chant nouveau.

Lair du matin joyeux,
Vivifie les narines
Des passants qui cheminent
Dans leur cache-nez soyeux.

Les arbres lancent au ciel
Leurs branches dpouilles,
Quelques feuilles rouilles
Ils ont lair irrel

Les feuilles se rgalent
En tourbillons joyeux,
Doubles sauts perilleux,
Comme un carnival.

Tout comme deux amis,
Le moineau qui ppie
Becqute avec la pie
La pelouse endormie.

Il fait froid aujourdhui
Et les cheminees fument;
Les dernires fleurs parfument
Les jardins sous la suie.

Et lombre et la lumire
Saiment encore une fois
Avant que lHiver froid
Spare leurs chaumires.

Le soleil couch tt
Dans un trs doux concert,
Annonce que lHiver
Arrive incognito

Dr. Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem
Saint-Andr Les Vergers, 03 Decembre 2002

Ngy tn thu

Ngy thu cn đẹp lắm
Đẹp khắp cả cnh đồng
Ti ht bi ca mới
Ht đến hụt hơi nồng

Mủi thở niềm vui sống
Đầy khng kh ban mai
Người bch bộ đường di
Đi m che khăn lụa

Cy trơ cnh tua tũa
Như với lấy trời cao
Vi chiếc l sậm mầu
Tăng thm phần hư o

L bay vui rộn r
Con trốt xoy lượn vng
Như lực sĩ nhẩy chồng
Trong phường tr to bạo

Như một đi bạn ho
Chim sẻ ru rt ku
Cng chim khch mổ đều
Thm cỏ vng ngy ngủ

Hm nay trời lạnh trở
Lửa l ta khi m
Hoa muộn st vườn thu
Mi hương pha than bụi

nh sng v bng tối
Yu nhau lần cuối cng
Trước Đng lạnh mịt mng
Chia mi tranh ấm cng

Mặt trời đ lặng sớm
Trong ha tấu dịu m
Như bo trước bn thềm
Đng về trong b mật

Traduit par L Lng Nhn
Madison, Alabama, 03 Decembre 2002

Autumn Days

The autumn days are beautiful
So beautiful upon the plain
With songs I fill my deep lungs full
And sing a novel song again. .

This morning air bouncing and gay
Breathes in my nostrils wholesome puffs.
The passers-by go on their way,
Noses hid in their silky scarfs.

The fall trees threw into the sky
Their branches gaunt and leafless high
The few leaves left appear rusty
An air of unreality. .

The dancing leaves seem to regale
In twists and whirls merry and hale
In somersaults of daredevil
Like so many at carnaval.

Just like a couple of old friends
The noisily chirping sparrow's
Pecking with his buddy magpie
Everywhere sleeping grasses lie.

It sure is cold on this fall day;
The chimneys send their smoky cloud;
The last fragrant blooms still hold sway
Across the gardens soot-enshroud.

The light and shade that soon will move
Meet each other for one last love
Before the bitter winter's cold
Sent them to their cottages old.

The sun hurries to bed earlier
In a sweet mellow concerto
Announcing the Old Man Winter
Who is coming incognito.

Translated by Thomas D. Le
3 December 2004

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