The True Meaning

David Ly Lang Nhan

The True Meaning

It stormed last night. Fire and wind restored The Balance;
Earth and Heaven promised a day of song and dance!
Washed and rinsed, the sky shone blue and clear,
A glorious morning sun recharged the atmosphere.

Merry leaves waved as wind rustled through with gaiety;
Joyous birds chirped and greeted me behind the green tree.
Walking alone on the alley, I saw a bud green and tiny
Blown away last night from its dear mother tree.

I picked the bud up, felt its wetness - its greenness,
Suddenly it dawned on me, as I smelt its freshness:
This bud perished for its sisters to grow on the tree!
Thats the law of Nature: Balance and Harmony!

Thus man has learned to give himself long ago
To the Fury of Life for his kin men to grow.
Man has learned that he cant be truly happy
Till he finds the Path of Balance and Harmony.

Within his inner feeling - between his taking and giving;
He found Life isnt just a matter of winning or losing.
And Love indeed is a matter of giving and receiving:
Thats the essence of living - the lifes True Meaning!

It stormed last night. Buds were blown away by the wind
But others will grow luxuriant in the emerald-green.
As the seasons come and go, mans happiness is to know
When to take, when to let go. For the Tree of Life to grow.

Madison, January 2004

Nghĩa Cuộc Đời

Ging tố đến đm qua đầy sấm chớp
Đất Trời kia đ lấy lại Qun Bnh
Vm trời xanh như rữa sạch mới tinh
Ngy mới đến hẹn hoan ca ma ht.

Chim vo von trn cnh mu xanh ngt
L n đa vui vẻ vẫy cho ti
Lối mn đi chợt thấy một nụ tươi
Đ rụng xuống đm qua v gi thổi.

Ti nhặt lấy nụ xanh lng tự hỏi
Sao nụ nầy phải bỏ cỏi dương trần
Phải chăng v cho nụ khc nẫy mầm
Luật Tạo Ha Qun Bnh v Ha Hợp.

Trong ging tố trần đời đầy sấm chớp
Cuộc sinh tồn đầy dẫy những hy sinh
Hỏi ai tm chn Hạnh phc cho mnh
M khng giữ Qun Bnh trong tm khảm.

Xt hai nghĩa Trao Cho v Tiếp Nhận
Tnh Yu đu xen lẫn lẽ Hơn, Thua
nghĩa Đời suy ngẫm lại từ xua
Vốn ha hợp giữa chữ Cho v Nhận.

Ging tố đến nụ xanh bay tứ tn
Rồi chồi non lại nở khắp cy xanh
Ma đi qua Hạnh phc lại hnh thnh
Nghĩa Đời ấy: Biết lc Cho, lc Nhận.

Bản dịch do David L Lng Nhn

Madison, January 2004

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