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Have you visited a museum, read a book Book, looked at a painting,Pastorale, or contemplated nature lately Rose?
Carpe diem

dot Da Thao
Ly Lang Nhan pays a moving tribute to the contemporay Paris-based poet Da Thao, whose deep feelings of love never fail to touch your heart. Some of her love poems are likened to tears, which Edgar Allan Poe called gems in his poem The Valley of Unrest.

dot Cao Bá Quát
A concise introduction to the exquisite Sino-Vietnamese poems with Vietnamese translation of Cao Bá Quát, a nineteenth-century scholar who witnessed the transitional period leading to French involvement in Vietnam.

dot Cao Tat Thi Chung or Nhat Chi Mai
A celebrated poem by an eleventh-century Vietnamese monk, Nhat Chi Mai is the subject of Ly Lang Nhan's thoughts about the challenges of translating it into Vietnamese.

dot Fragments of Love
Over the years, first on one oceanside, and now between two oceans, Ly Lang Nhan has let his poetic inspiration take over. The result is this lovable vignette of love, snapshots of moments, but genuine emotions. Would you want to silence your heart, or let it flutter along with Ly's Fragments of Love?

dot Love is Francis
When you know a loving person and a charming character, what do you do? David Lee, aka Ly Lang Nhan, knows exactly what to do. He writes poetry in her honor for she is Francis Mae Lundy.

dot The New Verse Form 4/7
In an attempt to enrich the versification tool kit of poets, Ly Lang Nhan advocates a novel verse form, which he termed the 4/7 Verse Form, consisting of 4-line stanzas of three four-syllable verses, and a fourth verse with seven syllables and an internal rhyme.

dot My Love Creed
What is your thinking about love? See what Ly Lang Nhan has to say about this most mysterious yet overarching emotion in his Love Credo.

dotThe True Meaning of Life
The storm has come and gone, leaving its toll behind. A bud on the ground testifies to the fury of life. But to Ly Lang Nhan it is in this unfortunate demise that one can find The True Meaning of Life

dotThe Two Ocean Sides
Sometime in one's life, one stops and thinks about where one came from, and reminisces about the past while living in the present. Ly Lang Nhan voices the anguish and nostalgia of a generation of Vietnamese Americans who now are residing in their adopted country. The Two Ocean Sides reveals a deep regret for those who through no fault of their own have a choice imposed on them for the rest of their life.

dot Ly Lang Nhan
Discover a poet that in other circumstances would have enriched the literary scene of Viet Nam. Listen to the voice of Ly Lang Nhan as he speaks to us from his Alabama home.

dotIntroduction to Vietnamese Poetry
Enjoy a highly readable and concise introduction to Vietnamese poetry in English, or in its original Vietnamese by the poet Ly Lang Nhan.

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