Take Me with You

Anh Duy

Take me with you to Never-Never Land,
And stay with me until the judgment day.
For you, my Muse, have seared my hand
With urge to mold beauty out of plain clay.

Though I cannot carve great life-like statues,
Nor paint as well as Michelangelo,
Nor write so well as to fill Shakespeareís shoes,
But with your smile Iíll stage a lively show.

With you Iíll fly clear to the end of Earth,
The end of time, around the universe,
To see what Big Bang was at its own birth,
And through curved space, to sing your eyes in verse.

Then bring me back, O Muse, to Paradise,
Where you were born among the great fruit trees.
But wait, donít eat of that cursed fruit. Demise
Awaits those who disobey Godís decrees.

Fill me with love for in this world of ours
So little love exists among mankind.
Give me a tiny bit of your powers
To find the love that is so hard to find.

O Muse, give me the drive to seek the truth
That lies beneath the faulty face of life,
And let me have the fortitude to soothe
The hurts and wounds are caused by evil strife.

Let us admire a beautiful sunset
In yonder sky that glows with warmth and love.
Then you and I will dance a pirouette
Till dawn arrives to chase the stars above.

Do hold my hand to let your blood flow through
My hand and blend our lives in one great life
In ecstasy, in drunken bliss us two
To never part or have another life.

Look in my eyes, O Muse, are they on fire?
They are for you and what you mean to me.
They burn so bright to kindle my desire
For you, and your sweet face, O my dearee!

When all is said and done, my dear sweetheart,
Letís fly from here to Never-Never Land,
And live our blissful life never to part
From now forever, dearest, hold my hand.

19 December 2002

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