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Great Places

Have you visited a museum, read a book Book, looked at a painting,Pastorale, or contemplated nature lately Rose?
Carpe diem

DotAmsterdam, Venice of the North
The wanderlust that led this bohemian traveler to the free-spirited city par excellence, Amsterdam, Venice of the North, is one that excites an unquelchable desire. It might already have bitten you.

DotTrekking Across Northern France
Retrace the invasion route of the Vikings across northern France, and relive history in a personal and quite unexpected way.

DotParis, the City of Light
For a taste of a romantic city that enchants you with its elegance, beauty and unparalleled charm, immerse yourself in Paris I and Paris II. Explore links to museums, art and history.

The poetry of Venice comes alive in this odyssey that takes you to St. Mark's Square, the Rialto bridge, the Grand Canal, and the incomparable charm of secluded campi.

Millions have made their pilgrimage to this Renaissance city par excellence. Come and breathe the Tuscan air heavy with art that puts Florence in your heart from now to eternity.

What does Troyes have to do with Troy? Probably not much. Troy was made famous by one woman, Helen. Troyes distinguishes itself by living a life worthy of an adventure of the first order. Do you want to see how? Here it is, the fascinating Troyes story.

DotTroyes Revisited
Listen to the voice of your heart, and follow it for a fresh visit to Troyes you saw last year, for it has a lot more to tell you. So come along for another wonderful look at an unforgettable face of Troyes.

DotHaut-Koenigsbourg Castle
Climb to the top of a hill in the Vosges Mountains not too far from the German border, and confront this sprawling castle that looked impregnable now, yet once fell under the Swedes.

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