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Have you visited a museum, read a book Book, looked at a painting,Pastorale, or contemplated nature lately Rose?
Carpe diem

This section presents poetry written in Vietnamese, French, and English from established names as well as creations by overseas Vietnamese poets and amateur poets.

dot Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem
When this neuropsychiatrist wanted to relax from examining the intricacies of the human mind, Liem plunges into poetic creations with an alter ego that is remarkably attractive for its simplicity, spontaneity, and candor.

dot  Vo Thu Tinh
Vo Thu Tinh was a teacher of Vietnamese literature, a magazine editor and a writer in Vietnam, in Laos, and now in Paris.

dot  Ly Lang Nhan
Discover a poet (now an engineer) that in other circumstances would have enriched the literary scene of Viet Nam. Listen to the voice of Ly Lang Nhan as he speaks to us from his Alabama home.

dot  Anh Duy
A former college professor in Saigon, Anh Duy takes up poetry as an amateur, and loves poetry for its terseness and impact.

dot  English and American Poetryupdated
Enjoy this eclectic collection of English and American poems in English as well as in translation.

dot  Vietnamese Poetryupdated
Selected Vietnamese poems mainly of the so-called New Poetry movement that began circa 1932 appear here with English and French translations. The New Poetry represents a radical departure from the versification and prosody of the old poetry.

dot  French Poetryupdated
Beautiful French poems in this Poetic Interlude are selected to delight and enchant.

dot  Song Lyricsupdated
More and more the line between poetry and song lyrics becomes blurred, especially among Vietnamese songwriters. For many of them a song is first and foremost the lyrics that express their feelings in words. And since the Vietnamese soul loves poetry, song lyrics become an expression of that poetic inclination.

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