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Have you visited a museum, read a book Book, looked at a painting,Pastorale, or contemplated nature lately Rose?
Carpe diem

dot Microstructures and Macrostructures
From the tiniest to the largest structures, the universe is made up of matter whose elements are basically the same. This article describes the variety of matter by reducing it to its atomic structure and traces the evolution of microstructures such as atoms to macrostructures such as the galaxies.

dot The Special and General Theory of Relativity
In 1905 Einstein published a paper on special relativity followed in 1915 by a paper on general relativity. Together they offer a new perspective on the nature of spacetime. Read about time dilation, length contraction, gravitation, the curvature of spacetime, and much more in the Special and General Theory of Relativity. This 82-page monograph contains copious examples, spreadsheet formulas and hundreds of practice problems for academic and non-academic readers.

dotQuantum Mechanics, Part I and the Multiverse, Part II
Part I of this paper discusses Quantum mechanics such as the double slit experiment, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, Schroedinger's cat paradox, EPR, the wave-particle dual nature of matter, and more, to ease you into the theories of the multiverse of Hugh Everett III, David Deutsch and Max Tegmark in Part II, which also discusses the big bang theory, inflation, cosmic radiation, quantum computing, and other cosmological issues.

dotMars Exploration Rover Opportunity
January 24, 2004, 9:05 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, marks another milestone in the exploration of Mars, when the second twin Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity, made an uneventful landing in the flatland Meridiani Planum 6,600 miles from Gusev Crater, where the first Mars Exploration Rover touched down about three weeks earlier. Opportunity found a totally different kind of terrain, with plenty of dust and layered rocks which intrigued and excited scientists.

dotMars Exploration Rover Spirit
"We're back!" With these words from NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe a new era of Mars exploration has dawned. On January 3, 2004, one of the twin Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit, landed safely in the Gusev Crater just south of the Martian equator and sent back the first pictures of Mars since the Mars Pathfinder exploit of 1997. Experience the excitement of a new chapter to be written by Mars Exploration Rover Spirit .

dotThe Mathematics of Finance - Part I and Part II updated
The Mathematics of Finance - Part I discusses the system, and essential financial concepts, such as Present Value, Net Present Value, Compound Value, Loan Amortization, Discounted Cash Flows, etc. Part II introduces the mathematics to calculate financial values with sufficient formulas and spreadsheet equivalents to aid in everyday applications. Problems afford opportunities to use the mathematics presented. Academic in nature, practical in approach.

dotThe Universe
The Universe captures the imagination of many of us when we contemplate the vastness of the sky at night with its myriad stars, and deep mystery. This 27-page synoptic view discusses perspectives from the Ptolemaic system to the Big Bang theory, with enough information on physics and astronomy to appreciate the theories.

dotExplore Mars vicariously
Explore Mars vicariously through the breath-taking pictures of Mars exploration, and more links to Mars Pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

dotExplore Mars via NASA at

Under the Mars Surveyor 98 Program, the Mars Polar Lander was launched on January 3, 1999 for a scheduled Mars landing on December 3,1999; and the Mars Climate Orbiter was launched on December 11, 1998, scheduled to achieve Mars orbit on September 23, 1999. I was hoping for great pictures of Mars by linking to the Mars Surveyor 98 site. But the Mars Climate Orbiter was given up for lost by NASA after the satellite had failed to emerge from behind Mars.

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