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Vo Thu Tinh

For more works by Vo Thu Tinh, please visit his own excellent web site at Vo Thu Tinh Home Site.

Have you visited a museum, read a book Book, looked at a painting,Pastorale, or contemplated nature lately Rose?
Carpe diem

Vo Thu Tinh, a graduate of the University of Saigon with a degree in Sino-Vietnamese Literature and holder of a degree in Audio-Visual from Indiana University, was Director of Information in South Vietnam. After his resignation he started a teaching career with private high schools in Saigon. At Vientiane, Laos, he was principal of the Aurore, a private high school, and was editor of the Lao Sapada of the Vientiane News, then founder and editor-in-chief of the Bulletin des Amis du Royaume Lao (Bulletin of the Friends of the Kingdom of Laos). He has written under the pen names of Thu Tam, To Vu, and Thao Kham Leuy.

In Paris this magazine took on the new name of Presence Indochinoise, then changed its name again to Peninsule. It is now sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Centre National du Livre (National Book Center), currently located at the Sorbonne IV University, Paris.

His publications included several books:

in Vietnamese, Vietnamese Literature, 19th-20th centuries (940 pages, in 5 printings from 1958-1962).
in French: Les Origines du Laos; PhraLak PhraLam (the Lao version of the Hindu Ramayana); A la découverte du Bouddhisme; La Literature orale et populaire du Vietnam.
in English: Nang Tan Tay (The Lao Arabian Nights); PhraLak PhraLam (the Lao version of the Hindu Ramayana).

dotReview in French of Dr. Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem's Autumn, Can You Deliver Me?
In this brief review of Dr. Jacques Nguyen Hieu Liem's poem Vo Thu Tinh could discern the effects of French and Vietnamese cultures on the theme, motifs, and style of this cri du coeur. Read it in Vietnamese.

dotNguyen Khuyen's Poems of Autumn
As the fall of 2005 brings back the peaceful, quiet beauty of nature after a summer of fury that unleashed Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, let us regale in the peaceful, quiet fall poems of the nineteenth-century Vietnamese poet Nguyen Khuyen and relax to the music of his songs of autumn.

dotThe Oral Literature of Vietnam
Vo Thu tinh takes an in-depth look at the genesis and nature of the oral literature of Vietnam and its function as the underpinning of Vietnamese popular culture, which has survived alongside the written tradition. Presented as a lecture in French before the Belgian Writers Society in 1978, the article still retains its validity and freshness. A cornucopia of examples enlivens the scholarlship.

dot Cao Bá Quát: A Thang-Vo Revolution? Vietnamese version --- English version
On literary achievement, no one denies Cao Ba Quat an exalted place in Sino-Vietnamese poetry of the nineteenth century. Then he joined an uprising led by Le Duy Cu against the Nguyen King, and paid for this action with his life. In this article Vo Thu Tinh addresses the question of whether Cao Ba Quat was a revolutionary as he called himself, or a rebel as the King's Court considered him to be. Vietnamese version --- English version

dot The Mnemonic Language and the Oral Tradition in Viet Nam
This in-depth study of Vietnamese oral literature draws on a wealth of folk sayings, songs, and poetry. Vo Thu Tinh delves into specific prosodic features of Vietnamese poetry with copious examples. An excellent reference work.

dot Chu Nom, Ancienne Ecriture du Vietnam by Vo Thu Tinh French version     English version updated
The Chu Nom or demotic script was for over four centuries the writing system of the Vietnamese language. Vo Thu Tinh makes a compelling case for Chu Nom to be the cultural tool responsible for the flowering of Vietnamese, as opposed to Sino-Vietnamese, literature down to the late 19th century.

Pendant plus de quatre siècles le Chu Nom or l'écriture démotique a été l'écriture semi-officielle de la langue vietnamienne. Vo Thu Tinh donne des raisons convaincantes que le Chu Nom est un instrument culturel de la floraison de la litérature vietnamienne jusqu'à la fin du 19e siècle.

dotThe New Poetry Movement in Vietnam
This research paper discusses the advent of a new era in poetry which started at the beginning of the 20th century while Vietnam was under French rule. It describes the characteristics of the new poetry, and advances the thesis, without proving it, of this poetic movement as aiding the national effort to regain independence from the French.

dotSous l'ancien regime vietnamien or Under Vietnam's Old Regime
This brief paper studies the socio-political structure of old Vietnam, where the king, the mandarins, and the village elders were the effective leaders of the country. Read it in English.

Ce bref article discute la structure socio-politique du Vietnam sous l'Ancien Régime, et les rapports entre le roi, les mandarins, et les chefs de village, qui sont les dirigeants des affaires du pays. Lisez-le en français.

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